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YC-1901 baby stroller
* 铝管,超宽舒适座椅:Aluminium tube.Wider and comfortable seat.
* 前轮可360度旋转,定位,避震,可快拆;Quick release front wheels with suspension.Lockable front swivel wheel .
* 后轮超强避震系统,采用一脚双刹设计.One link brake.Super strong suspension system.
* 可拆卸前餐盘,贴近宝宝需求.Removable feeding tray.Close to baby`s needs.
* Multi-position recline backrest.Seat unit reclines flat.5 point harness.
* Large canopy with window.More convenient to care baby at any moment.
* Large basket can meet parents requirement outside.
* Optional car seat can be added
* One-handle folding system with small size.
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